Digital Statements

    Dear Mrs Mackay,

We at Standard Bank, strive to provide you with easy and efficient ways to do your banking.

That is why you can get any of your statements for less than 6 months for FREE via our Banking App and Internet Banking. If you require your statements that are greater that 6 months, you can download or email them from our digital platforms at a fee of R10.

1.   Tap on your account and scroll down to Your Documents
2.   Tap View and select the document you are looking for under Stamped/Previous Statements
3.   Tap on the 3 dots next to the document, then click View or Send as an email to access your statement.
1.   Go to the Transact tab, and under the Documents section, click Statements
2.   Use the arrow to choose the account you are interested in, as well as the date of the statement under Previous/Stamped Statements
3.   Click Download or View to access your statement OR enter your email address and
click Send.
  Just a reminder that you can sign up to receive daily, weekly and monthly emails of your statements regularly on Internet Banking.

Need help or have a query?
Simply contact your Relationship Manager/Account Executive or call our Contact Support Centre on 0860 123 000.

    Kind Regards,
Standard Bank Digital Team
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