Stay vigilant and protect your money from fraudsters

    Dear Mrs Mackay,

Your banking security is our priority, unfortunately fraudsters are always trying to lure you into sharing your banking information to defraud you.

  We’ll never direct you to sign into your Internet Banking profile via a link or attachment   Sign out of your banking profile as soon as you’ve completed your transaction
  Never use public devices to do your Internet Banking   If you receive a phone call requesting your banking information, do not respond and end the call immediately
  Keep your PINs and passwords strong and safe   If you receive an OTP SMS that was not initiated by you, do not provide it telephonically to anybody as it is likely a fraudster using your information to commit fraud.
Did you recently change the smartphone or tablet you use to do your digital banking?

If so, for your security we encourage you to delink unused, sold, lost or stolen devices through Online Banking or the Banking App in a few easy steps.

To ensure your safety we will also proactively delink unused devices that have not been used for a long period.

    Please report suspicious emails to the bank by creating a new email with the suspicious email as an attachment and send it to Delete the suspicious email immediately afterwards.

Report any suspicious activity to our fraud line on 0800 222 050.

    Kind Regards,
Standard Bank Digital Team
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