Clifford - Louise
Clifford & Louise Kilian (2019)

All our lives the city was our comfortable place to be. No one could convince us any different. It’s where we were born and raised. Everything we needed was there, our close family, cousins, friends, ‘nice to have‘ things and so on.

Life was great! Weekend get-togethers, braai, relax, go to the beach in summer and of course, the shopping malls, restaurants and movies.

Then when the weekend was over and everyone was tired from the hustle and bustle, we readied ourselves for the morning traffic jams and stress on the way to work.

And when we went on holiday it was always to a coastal town, because that was close to all the luxuries we expected while on holiday.

Then one day…not so long ago….we had the pleasure of some time away at Nieu-Bethesda. THAT WAS IT!!! We were hooked. THE KAROO….blissful, tranquil, slow-moving. We had time to chat and relax. It was amazing how ear-deafening silence could be. When we arrived home after the few nights away we were not as tired as we were after our previous holidays.

The Karoo also taught us how to do things slowly … and guess what?….. they still got done. We found out that there was much to see and enjoy between our home in the city and our destination in the Karoo. We had arrived. This is how life was meant to be. Man, we love the Karoo. The clock turns slowly, and it is good, very good